Hacking : Ruptering Classifications and Associations


OUR Method

The process begins with diligent, critical multidisciplinary design research to uncover a relational structure. Hacking a “client’s" dysfunctional or working surface in search of relevant values, habits, and rituals using crafted techniques establishes a customized sensibility for the basis of design.

Designs with strong roots are pursued knowing that not every relationship can determine a final outcome; only the critical will prevail and many branches in research fall latent. The latent conditions will, at times, emerge and recede physically and phenomenally. This "soft space" within matter at rest intellectually animates use and, with optimism, might possibly become popular in everyday culture. 

Results are unique, insightful, detailed and functional.

"Research and writing are a critical complement to drawing in the architectural design process. A back-and-forth method between writing and drawing informs a stronger sensibility to the nature of a concept or set of ideas.” - Elizabeth George